We might be software developers, but believe it or not, we are people too!

So, although we written some of the best domiciliary care software about, we know from personal experience that home care isn’t always professional – some of the most difficult, yet tenderest care comes from friends and family members.

Caring for a family member can be extremely tough and incredibly isolating. The need to care for someone can come completely out of the blue and most of us are totally unprepared for it. That’s why this year Carers Week 2013 is called Prepare to Care? and is designed to help the general population think about whether and how they could manage a caring role.

We are still waiting for our pack to arrive (to be fair, we’ve only just signed up) but we would love to hear from people (especially in Manchester!) about whether you plan to do anything for carers week. We could join forces and do something together 🙂