Providing domiciliary care is a very specific activity, as opposed to the care sector as a whole. As a result, there isn’t a trade show that exclusively deals with domciliary care agencies. However, there are many overlaps in terms of the concerns for carers and service users and as such they can usefully be grouped together. We’ve been checking out what is on offer if you are a domiciliary care agency or home care business. There are a few options to attend a domiciliary care trade show in 2013 (in chronological order):

1. Care Roadshows – This is a series of local home health care shows across the country. It started in 2011 and is designed to bring carers who are local together to share experiences as well as hear from professionals and discover new products. It is aimed at care home providers, professionals in social services and healthcare along with those involved in home care. Its fair to say that of all the trade shows this has the smallest number of delegates, but I certainly plan to attend the show in Leeds 16th April 2013.

2. Great British Care Shows – This is another series of local care shows, although slightly larger in terms of delegate number than Care Roadshows, although it only started in 2012. It is held in association with Ceretas, who describe themselves as the Professional Association dedicated to individuals working in Home Care. They are trying to appeal to everyone in the care sector from the service user living in the community to commissioners of local authorities and care associations, fellow traders, managers and directors. I plan to attend the show on 17th April 2013 in Salford.

3. The Care Show – Larger, national show that occurs twice a year – once in Bournemouth and once in Birmingham. It isn’t specifically about home care, but is about care for older people. It has a narrower focus in terms of its audience than the two above and is very much a trade show – the Care Shows are designed to provide education, products and services for those owning, or running any organisation responsible for the care of older people. The next one is Bournemouth on 19th March 2013, but I expect to attend Birmingham in November 2013.

4. Naidex – By far the biggest show. This is not just about being a home care professional, but is focused on living independently as well as care within the home – it has over 300 exhibitors featuring the latest products and services to aid independent living. Again, this is not just a trade show, but is designed to appeal to a wider audience. It is split (roughly evenly) three ways – Trade, such as manufactures and care groups, Healthcare Professionals and End Users and family. It lasts 3 days, and I plan to go for the first day on 30th April 2013.

It is interesting that these shows have all taken slightly different approaches – some focusing on trade and business, whilst other trying to talk to all stakeholders involved in domiciliary care. I would love to know what you think is the better approach?

Do you plan to attend any of these shows and do you have a preference?