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Cloud Based

  • Access your information wherever you are.
  • Collaborative working is easy as everyone can see immediate changes - this means you can send and receive live information from mobile devices too.
  • Free updates to the software and need to worry about backups.
  • We've been around for over 10 years so you have got piece of mind that your data is safe & secure.
  • Export your data at any time.

Advanced Scheduling

  • Easily create repeating jobs to have permanent runs or create templated jobs.
  • Quickly reschedule and create exceptions using drag & drop or use our suggested carer function based on a range of criteria, such as groups, clashes or availability.
  • View your week's work from the perspective of service user or from the carer to ensure you do not miss any gaps in care.
  • Print off week planner with staff ID photos in large print for your service users.

Simplify Records

  • Simply store and quickly find all service user records plus free storage of documents such as daily log sheets or needs assessment forms.
  • Out of the box Malinko will store personal details, next of kin contact details, enquiry source, medical history, disabilities and Social service ID number.
  • Ensure person-centred care by adding as much extra information as you need with custom fields.
  • Easily create reports based on data for staff or service users.

Mobile Features

  • Free iPhone app and free Android app for job scheduling.
  • Send jobs to your staff any time during the day, know when they have accepted it and completed the job.
  • Malinko can send back detailed information such as completing daily log sheets and attach photos to a job - all updated automatically.

Messaging System

  • Store messages about your staff like training, lateness or other disciplinary matters.
  • Store compliments or complaints about the services you provide along with your service user records.
  • Quickly see any trends in complaints as all messages are stored on the system and are fully searchable.
  • Assign messages to staff members and ensure all problems have been resolved. Perfect for CQC inspections!

Track Data

  • If your staff use mobile phones Malinko can send jobs to them directly, including regular job notes or specific instructions if anything is different that week.
  • Print out job sheets – you can remove personally identifiable information from anything printed so it is in line with the principles of SOVA (Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults).
  • Collect detailed care notes on mobile device and see it updated live in the office.

Manage Staff

  • Store all details about your staff – ID photo, contact details, National Insurance number or CRB renewal dates.
  • Store supervision reminders or staff training renewal dates.
  • Store staff shift patterns to set availability.
  • Malinko creates a dynamically updated training matrix from your training dates and requirements.
  • Record annual leave and other absences such as sick leave.

Save Time

  • A core design principle of Malinko is simplicity.
  • Avoid repetition when dealing with complex sets of data and schedules.
  • Automated alerts on the dashboard prevent accidentally missing a visit.
  • Save hours of effort every week with invoicing and payroll breakdowns and at-a-glance cost and revenue information.


  • Create user-defined fields to store exactly what you want about clients and staff.
  • Create customised job types and collect detailed information as required.
  • Document storage allows you to store relevant documents such as copies of driving licences or other files with your carers' records.

Management Information

  • Always know what’s going on with live management information.
  • You can create simple or detailed payroll reports or invoicing reports.
  • Create quick mailouts to specific groups of service users or customised reports.
  • Track income and see individual employee performance.

Manage Finances

  • Automatically batch generate invoices with your logo for all clients in a given date range.
  • Generate payroll guidelines for your work force based on a given date range.
  • Allocate a price against a specific job cycle, so Malinko can tell you what income each care worker is generating per day and per week.

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Partners and Awards

Malinko is an official integration partner with TomTom to create a seamless process from your customer placing an order to completing the order. This adds lots of extra benefits that you would not get from just using Malinko or just using TomTom and allows you to really improve fleet management.

We were delighted to win Best Early Stage Tech Company at the Northern Tech Awards 2013.

We are commercial members of the United Kingdom Homecare Association and were a main sponsor of their conference in November 2013. Using resources such as their Passing a CQC Inspection course, we have benchmarked the functionality of our software against both legal requirements and industry best practice.